Our Objective

Our Objective

Kukai Kindergarten focuses on student’s development according to each individual’s ability and talent. The school ensures that all students will have a positive attitude towards learning.

The school has 6 main objectives as follows:

Our Objective
Our Objective


The school focuses on each student’s development according to each individual’s ability and talent.

There are 4 sides of development which are body, emotional, social and intellectual development.

  • Physical Development

    Students will develop skills using both big and small muscles. They will be confidence when moving and using their body parts. They will also learn how to look after themselves including hygiene care and how to prevent themselves from harmful accidents.
  • Emotional Development

    Students will constantly experience the feeling of success which will enhance the student’s confidence. They will also have a positive attitude towards learning. Students will be happy, cheerful and eager to learn.
  • Social Development

    The school ensures that the school’s environment is friendly and safe. Students will have good relationships amongst friends and always feel accepted in groups. They will learn about Thai culture and learn how to respect other people’s individuality.
  • Cognitive Development

    The school encourages students to learn with confidence by letting students think, explore and figure things out and experience success. The school will help students develop skills in problem solving, be able to ask questions, explain their thoughts, observe and their feelings as well as enhance the students’ thinking, creativity and critical thinking skills.


Students develop according to

our 6 objectives

  • Develop personality, emotional and social skills
  • Develop communication, language, reading and writing skills
  • Develop Mathematic skills
  • Develop knowledge about the world around us
  • Develop creativity skills
  • Develop body and movement skills
Our Objective
Our Objective


Students have qualities that corresponds to the Early Childhood

Curriculum of Thailand 2017 as follows:

  • Develop healthy physical growth according to their age
  • Develop strong big and small muscles and use them actively with good co-ordination
  • Have a healthy and happy mind
  • Shows creativity in art, music and movement
  • Have good morals
  • Shows understanding of the basic practice of ‘Sufficiency Economy’
  • Be environmentally friendly and shows respects to Thai culture and tradition
  • Shows good social behavior and fundamental democratic values
  • Have good communication skills
  • Develop thinking skills
  • Shows creative skills
  • Shows a positive attitude towards learning


The school develops students under the school’s

Belief and motto as follows:

  • Every student is unique and have their own way of learning and their own time frame of development.
  • Student’s learning process should be a continuous process.
  • Student learn best through activities, real experiences, exploration and communication.
  • Students must experience success.
  • Students should receive support in self-control according to their age.
  • Students develop best in all areas with the support of adults.
Our Objective
Our Objective


Parents and the community acknowledge students’ learning,

experience and be a part of students’ development.


Teachers continuously seek new knowledge

And build strong abilities to develop students effectively.

Our Objective

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