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The Principals of Kukai Kindergarten’s Teaching Approach

Kukai Kindergarten was established in 1977 and has ever since been developing its teaching approach for students from 2- 6 years old. The school is well known in the Pre-School Education Association of Thailand for its uniqueness in developing children using a modern educational approach. Kukai Kindergarten’s students will learn through play and explore the world around them by developing all of their skills physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, all of which links to new educational development theories and studies as well as maintaining the Thai culture and practices. The students will learn how to be self-sufficient, creative and they will learn to have social and environmental responsibilities appropriate for their age.

Kukai Kindergarten believes in the importance of Thai language for students growing up in Thailand. The students will be able to think, speak and explain their thoughts and feelings clearly using Thai language. The second language that is taught at the school is English. The students will be able to learn both languages naturally. The English native speaking teachers will be spending 2 hours per day with the students in the morning 2-3 times per week, in which they will be playing, speaking and communicating with the students and teach the students the English language 20-30 minutes per day. The school also offers Extra English Program 4 times per week, 1 hour per day by Native English speaking teachers.

About Kukai Kindergarten

Kru Gai (Mrs. Vivan Sarakitprija)
Principal of Kukai Kindergarten

Kukai Kindergarten’s Teaching Theories and Practices
We believe that………

  • All children need love, warmth and good relationships.
  • Good relationship is the foundation of all development. Teachers will show positive attitudes to each child individually. Teachers will listen to students, offer opportunities for students to create, explore and share their opinions.
  • Pre-school students need encouragement to feel good about themselves. They should be confidence and feel accepted in the environment.
  • Every child is filled with curiosities and want to discover new things. They will repeat their actions and questions to cater their needs in all areas. The teachers will enhance this to ensure all students have a positive attitude towards learning.
  • The students will use their senses when learning and exploring new things. They will use their eyes, nose, mouth and skin. The school uses Sensory Play and Process Art to enhance their learning.
  • The students will have interactions with the environment and people around them. They will use their past experiences and feelings as a connection to new topics they are exploring.
  • Students learn best when they are active, happy, interested and enjoying themselves. The students will feel happy when learning and feel they have succeeded when learning about new things.
  • Students learn best through hands on activity and first hand experiences.
  • Students should be able to play, explore, perform in small groups, big groups and individually.
  • Students want adults to listen to them about their experiences, feelings, thoughts and opinions.
  • Students will develop skills in all areas, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.
  • Positive Discipline will help students to have good virtue, self-discipline, be responsible to oneself and the community.
  • By using Thai Language, students will be able to retell past experiences, feelings and thoughts which will enhance their learning and thinking skills.
  • Students will learn English as a second language naturally by interacting with the language native speakers
  • Reading and writing can start since Pre-school by connecting it with student’s interest. We start by reading to students and encourage students to observe Thai and English alphabets and numbers in the environment around them. We connect reading and writing with student’s day to day activities. We are aware that rushing students to read and write since early age will take away student’s opportunity to enhance their thinking and other skills. Kukai Kindergarten will focus on reading and writing skills when they reach K3. At the end of the academic year in K3, every student will be able to read and write Thai at their own pace and abilities.
  • Good communications between the school, teachers and parents is vital in developing pre-school students.
  • Assessments method should not be done by using examinations but the school will observe each student and make assessments on a daily basis.

The Brain, Development and Learning in Early Childhood

Brain development research and studies help us to understand the most effective approach in learning in early childhood. Kukai Kindergarten has developed our own teaching approach by using theories such as Brain Based Learning, Multiple Intelligence, Constructivism or Learning by Doing, Executive Function Which covers the development of the Working Memory, Cognitive flexibility and Inhibitory control, Five Minds of the Future which are Disciplined Mind, Synthesizing Mind, Creating Mind, Respectful Mind and Ethical Mind.

With all of these theories combined, the school creates an innovative learning environment for our students by using Thematic Learning, in which students will learn by themes about the world around them such as My House, Water, Air, Nature Around Us and Energy. We also teach our students using the Project Approach method. The Project Approach method will allow students to learn about the things that surrounds them that they are interested in, in an in-depth way. The students will be able to explore, investigate, research, which will be a good foundation for the students’ approach in learning for the rest of their lives.

We also use Creative Curriculum method in our teaching. Creative Curriculum is a research – based that enhance students’ learning through play.The school provides inviting environment for students inside and outside the classrooms for students to be able to explore and learn first-hand about the world we live in. The school also provide some of the Montessori equipments in the classrooms for our students to develop skills through hands on activities. STEAM Education also becomes an important part of our curriculum. We use STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) in all of our teaching. Our students will learn through play, experimentation and flourish their creativity through arts.

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